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Are Energy Star Windows Worth the Investment?


Are ENERGY STAR® Windows Worth the Investment for Northwestern Indiana Homes?

Jackson’s Home Improvement is your go-to name for industry-leading energy-efficient windows throughout northwest Indiana. If your home still has the same windows it was built with, chances are you are experiencing higher-than-average heating and cooling costs. Why not put that money to better use and upgrade your home with energy-efficient windows that are ENERGY STAR® certified from get Jacksons Home Improvement? But you might be asking yourself, “Are ENERGY STAR windows worth their investment?”

What is an ENERGY STAR Window?

ENERGY-STAR-rated windows can maximize year-round comfort and energy savings in every room of your northwestern Indiana home. A superior product, ENERGY-STAR windows have double the energy-efficient glass coating, a feature that many other window replacement companies don’t offer. One of the first things you’ll notice once you’ve had your windows installed is improved all-round comfort and consistency in your indoor temperatures. That will likely result in lower consumption of energy and thus, lower utility bills. With ENERGY-STAR windows, expect energy savings, which you’ll enjoy year-round and for years to come. Talk about a worthwhile investment!

How Much Do ENERGY STAR Windows Cost?

Thanks to our partnership with the Window Depot™, get Jacksons Home Improvement is able to offer our customers the best energy-efficient windows on the market at remarkably affordable prices. Plus, we back all of our work and honor all manufacturer warranties, including a true lifetime warranty that even covers glass breakage. You can be assured that your investment is protected!

ENERGY STAR window prices will vary by brand, type of window and frame, and what energy-saving features you want. But in general, the average cost to upgrade a single-hung window with an ENERGY-STAR window is anywhere from $325-$725 apiece, not including installation. For a more detailed estimate, we recommend you schedule a free consultation with one of our valued team members.

Do ENERGY STAR Windows Qualify for a Tax Credit?

Windows that earn the ENERGY STAR certification save energy, enhance comfort, and help the environment. According to ENERGY STAR, homeowners who have ENERGY STAR products installed on their existing homes (not new construction or rentals) are eligible for “10% of the cost, up to $500. Windows are capped at $200, and installation is not included in the tax credit.” Updated in January 2021, the tax credit is good for existing homes that are principal residences, and the credit expires on December 31, 2021. So, if you’ve been considering ENERGY STAR windows for your home, the time to act is now!

Other Great Benefits

The ENERGY STAR windows that get Jacksons Home Improvement installs are exquisitely crafted with weather-resistant vinyl frames that will retain their like-new appearance with no need for repainting. We also offer insulated windows with special glass coatings that repel rainwater, which means they’ll hardly ever need cleaning.

Additionally, our energy-efficient windows are available in a wide variety of styles and with many aesthetic options, so you can personalize your selections to suit your taste and coordinate with your home’s architectural style. Options include:

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