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Where to Get the Best Casement Windows for Your Home in Crown Point, IN

Whether you’d like to replace the existing casement windows at your home in Crown Point, Indiana, with the same style or explore the possibility of installing casement windows in place of another type of windows, the experts to turn to are at get Jacksons Home Improvement. We understand the importance of providing premium replacement windows at competitive prices and using our own highly trained technicians to install them. In fact, we take pride in being northwestern Indiana’s go-to source for high-quality windows, exquisite workmanship, and customer service that will make you smile.

Are Casement Windows Right for Your Home?

Unlike horizontal sliders and single- and double-hung windows, which slide vertically to open, the casement style is designed with hinges to swing open like a door. This design adds a touch of distinction to almost any home’s architectural style, and it also provides many advantages over its sliding counterparts, including:

Superior Break-In Deterrence

When securely latched, a high-quality casement window poses such a formidable barrier that most burglars choose homes with more vulnerable windows.

Exceptional Ventilation

Casement windows can be opened wide to welcome a cool breeze indoors, or cracked just a bit to let kitchen odors and heat escape on a wintry day.

Optimal Energy Efficiency

At get Jacksons Home Improvement, we specialize in outfitting homes with energy-efficient windows in many different styles, but the casement style is inherently energy efficient. Its hinged design allows the closed window sash to press tightly against the frame, creating an airtight seal that goes a long way toward keeping outside temperatures outdoors where they belong.

Casement windows are generally best suited to openings that are taller than they are wide. If you’re in the Crown Point area, the experts at get Jacksons will be happy to take a look at your home and help you decide whether casement windows are your best option.

For more information about our outstanding window replacement services as well as financing options, contact get Jacksons Home Improvement today.