A Crystal View Florida Room Will Add a Taste of the Tropics to Your Home in Valparaiso, IN

Crystal View Florida RoomIt probably comes as no surprise that homeowners in the Sunshine State were among the first to recognize the value of what today are known as sunrooms and add them to their homes as a matter of routine. The popularity of these brightly lit living spaces—typically a cross between a covered patio and glass greenhouse—led them to originally be called “Florida rooms,” and people across the country began incorporating sunrooms into their home designs as well. Many homeowners in Valparaiso and other communities in northwestern Indiana have lovingly landscaped yards and pool areas that rival lush tropical vistas, and a Crystal View Florida Room will allow them to make the most of a beautiful view.

What Is a Crystal View Florida Room?

This type of sunroom is the brainchild of the industry leader Four Seasons, and it’s available in the northwestern Indiana area from get Jacksons Home Improvement. It’s distinguished from other types of sunrooms by its ultra-durable sliding glass wall system. These sliding wall panels operate much like sliding glass doors, but they stretch from ceiling to floor, providing the ultimate view of the outdoors beyond. At the same time, a Crystal View Florida Room delivers all the benefits of other Four Seasons sunrooms, including protection from rain, insects, and harsh sunlight. When you turn to get Jacksons Home Improvement to have it installed, you’ll also enjoy a wide array of options so you can customize your purchase to precisely fit the square footage of your outdoor living area and choose the aesthetic and functional options that will work best for your home.

Here are a few of the outstanding features that make this sunroom a popular choice:

  • High-quality, weather-resistant aluminum frames
  • Several glazing, framing, and mulling options available
  • A secure, automatic locking system

If you’d like to explore the possibility of adding a Crystal View Florida Room to your home in the Valparaiso area, the next step is to schedule a free consultation to learn more. Contact get Jacksons Home Improvement today to get started.

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